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The word "philosophy" literally means "love of wisdom." Humans start to love wisdom after they have done something unwise and have paid the price for it. From that kind of experience two complementary responses arise: (1) How did I get into this mess? (2) How can I do things in some way that will not get me into trouble.

Thinking things through;: An introduction to logic
by Maylon H Hepp. This book is now out of print. It is the best way for someone to learn about logic, especially if no tutor or teacher is available.

Elementary Logic, by W. V. Quine. Quine is one of the clearest of recent writers, and an expert in this general area. His way of writing out logical arguments in symbolic form is, unlike Hepp's way, consistent with the mainline logic texts.

The Structure of Scientific Revolutions: 50th Anniversary Edition by Thomas S. Kuhn [External Reviews]

Kantian Ethics:

Mencius and the theory of moral drives. A brief exposition may be found here.

Anup Shah, War, Propaganda and the Media, Global Issues, Updated: March 31, 2005

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